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Current Prayer List

Praise the Lord the California churches prevailed in court against the state.

Praise the Lord for all those who have recovered from Covid.

Praise for all the Afghan refugees and rescuers that made it out safely.

Praise the Lord Linda Veit’s surgery was successful and all cancer has been removed.

Praise the Lord Linda Heredero’s sister Leny has been released from the hospital. Please continue to pray for complete recovery from surgery.

Praise the Lord for His provision enabling our fellowship to help many in substantial ways.

Praise the Lord Larry Johnson’s grandson Know is doing well after battling Covid.

Pray for the Lord to touch Dale and Heather and heal their needs.

Pray for Dennis Plantenga dealing with breathing and cardiac issues not Covid related.

Pray for 4 year old Zander diagnosed with leukemia.

Pray for Eleanor Tarman for healing and recovery.

Pray for Andrea Lamacki for health issues.

Pray for Karen Webber who is experiencing a great deal of pain from Parkinson’s.

Pray for Ryan Dekker for safety while on the road, and for blessed time and fellowship with family while there.

Pray for Jason Roe to surrender to God and for his sobriety.

Pray for Doris Hirt’s friend Lorraine, as her husband has passed after a stroke.

Pray for Jarrod Blackburn recently diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer.

Pray for Brooklyn Hamilton to feel God’s presence in her life as she deals with pain.

Pray for Bob and Yolanda’s grandchildren to receive the gift of salvation.

Pray for Lisa Shiflett’s unsaved brother Patrick. He has colon cancer that they can not operate on yet because of other health issues.

Pray for God’s will and direction in hiring a Director and staff for our daycare.

Pray for the brethren in Afghanistan and for the persecuted church throughout the globe.

Pray for Greg and his family as they mourn the loss of his brother, Roger.

Pray for Karen Hawkins who is dealing with nerve damage from recent back surgery.

Pray for Rebekah’s grandma. She requires cancer treatment that insurance will not cover.

Pray for Randy Hunter fighting cancer on his nose.

Pray for Sue Kaitukoff, for relief from pain and wisdom for the doctors treating her.

Pray for our border problem and especially the children impacted.

Please pray for baby Uriah and his foster parents.

Pray for Kathryn Grissom’s mom for relief of pain in her knees and lower back.

Pray for those battling addictions, and for the family members who love them.

Pray for expectant moms Allison Miller and Shana Rutherford.

Pray for Darlene to receive the perfect kidney, and for wisdom for her doctors.

Pray for the homeless and unemployed.

Pray for our Country.

Pray for Unbelievers to be Saved.

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